up and running after extended sabatical

Were back! And we couldn’t be happier. Providing information that enriches every individual in every corner of the globe is our goal. Young and old, rich or poor, no matter  race or religion everyone needs to be afforded  basic respect. And give that same respect in turn. So much of what we see as problems in the world can best be solved  at the local level from those who know the situation the best and have the best interests of those locally including themselves in mind. Yes sometimes outside resources must be brought in to provide help and hope to those who need it most but many times outside interests misread the situation and cause more harm than the good they hope to accomplish. Information and a willingness to work together  to solve problems is key to bettering the lives of everyone. While we are local we are more connected than ever before. We will strive to do our small part to bring out the best information on a variety of topics and subject matter. Stay tuned.

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